Maintaining Business Continuity Under Global Constraints Louisiana, Georgia and Texas, USA After-sales & Service LNG has seen an increase in demand as a more Challenge: With the LNG market growing Solution: As the world’s leading supplier of environmentally friendly alternative to reduce rapidly, vessels ordered and supplied before SSL systems, Trelleborg was capable of rising carbon emissions and help combat global and during the Covid-19 pandemic have needed to the challenge. Trelleborg reviewed engineer warming. In addition to being cleaner than coal to be commissioned and put into service. travel plans with increased use of longer-term and oil, LNG allows energy supplies to Meanwhile, other global political instabilities secondments to key locations, reducing the be diversified. have caused concern over the flexibility of LNG impact of quarantine and allowing for work to supply routes. continue despite restrictions. LNGCs are central to supply channels and their ongoing continuous availability for worldwide It is crucial that vessels are not delayed Our team of engineers strategically located operations is critical to the supply chain. in becoming operational because of these in key locations across the world allows us to However, political instabilities and the demand challenges. As a result of recent events, provide excellent service to our customers even Trelleborg strategically for gas independence have caused a severe customer requirements for site commissioning in the face of ever-changing restrictions. located engineers in key sites impact on both the ability to travel worldwide and service have also become more urgent and the transporting of LNG. with shorter time scales placing more demand worldwide to provide on-hand on LNG operators. support and solutions, helping customers to continue vital LNG transfer operations, despite the restrictions of the global pandemic.

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