Securing a New Energy Hub in Africa West Africa Chain Stopper Operations The permanently moored floating liquefied Challenge: The project’s FLNG vessel’s Solution: Early engagement in the project’s natural gas (FLNG) storage facility in West Africa mooring devices needed to be able to operate design phase enabled Trelleborg to provide experiences similar long-period, infra-gravity in up to 10,000yr return period design wind solutions to the FLNG mooring application waves within the harbor, as act upon the LNGC conditions. This meant keeping the mooring challenges. A bespoke adjustable Chain vessels. However, being moored continually in lines in tension would require adjusting the Stopper device was developed to provide the same location, the FLNG vessel must be chain portions of the mooring lines link-by-link adjustment to chain tension by as little more durable. and then locking them in place while monitoring as 200mm using multiple jaws and a the mooring loads. This process would need to safe working load of 250T together with As a crucial element to the project’s success, be repeated as required. load monitoring. Additional features were the FLNG vessel must be moored as rigidly as developed for units specific to the project possible to enable production operations to to assist in hazardous areas operation continue. This would typically involve anchor compliance, extra dynamic adjustment chain systems – however, that does not enable range, and system redundancy. adjustment to allow for vessel sway, surge motions and tidal or loading draft changes. The FLNG vessel benefited from a reduction Scan the QR code Unplanned vessel excursions caused by in mooring line loads and vessel movement, Providing solutions that can operate in up to 10,000yr using the Marine and line breakages can cause major safety an improvement in mooring line safety return period design wind conditions, Trelleborg is Infrastructure AR App hazards for personnel and disrupt product zones, and sustainable and continuous to explore Chain Stopper transfer operations. product transfers. securing the terminal’s FLNG vessel with the flexibility in more detail. harsh environments require.

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