Enhanced LNG Hose Transfer Systems Mediterranean Terminals Ship-to-Ship, LNG With increased demand for LNG in Europe, Challenge: An FSRU had to be equipped with Solution: Trelleborg designed and supplied Mediterranean terminals have become a ship-to-ship (STS) hose transfer system (HTS) state-of-the-art KLAW 10” SIL2 HTS for large strategically more important in securing gas capable of being connected to a wide range of d small scale loading and reloading frequent an import. At the same time, new opportunities large scale LNGCs for LNG import and deliver operations. for small scale LNG have also risen. The frequent operations on a weekly basis. The combination of these factors requires LNG hose same HTS also needed to connect with small This innovative system, with diagnostic transfer systems to be as versatile as possible. scale LNGCs to reload small quantities of and monitoring features, requires minimal For example: LNG – mainly for the bunkering of ships. compatibility adjustments for different sizes of approaching vessels. • Higher frequency of transfer operations. A 3” ship-to-jetty system was also supplied for Compatibility with large scale (up to Q-Max • ) truck loading. This system is unique in the world and small scale (bunkering) LNGCs. of the LNG industry and the terminal is the first to perform a complex LNG reloading operation • Reloading capacity: from ship to truck. directly from the FSRU vessel to trucks.

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