Assuring Compliance with Evolving Safety Standards PESO Accreditation, India Hazardous Area Compliance, Global Docking & Mooring Market Safety is paramount across the oil and gas Challenge: In India, the Petroleum and Solution: For 12 months, Trelleborg worked industry – with a particular focus in the LNG Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) sets the with its certification agent and key supply chain sector. Mismanagement of combustible requirements for equipment containing electrical partners to record technical documentation materials can result in the release of gases systems at new or upgraded LNG facilities. regarding all electrical systems and enclosures, or vapors into the environment, which can To meet new PESO accreditation requirements, which needed to be assessed by PESO for result in serious injury to personnel or terminals in India now need to meet highly suitability for hazardous area operation. equipment damage. technical local standards for electro-mechanical Trelleborg’s Quick Release Hook mooring machinery that operates in hazardous areas. systems are PESO-certified for use in the Indian Regulatory bodies in many countries and regions market, and are fully compliant with Indian laws have established standards and guidelines and regulations that govern the operation of LNG for equipment used in port operations so that facilities. Trelleborg’s Ship-Shore Link also uses terminal operators are able to ensure the highest PESO certified equipment. safety standards worldwide. Trelleborg is the largest PESO-accredited Trelleborg’s accreditation means Docking and Mooring equipment manufacturer, Scan the QR code giving customers needing QRHs the confidence EPCs and terminal owners can using the Marine and that our equipment is certified. With this move forward without worrying Infrastructure AR App to accreditation, EPCs and terminal owners can about unforeseen costs. explore our Quick Release avoid unforeseen budget overruns and schedule Hooks in more detail. delays due to compliance issues.

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