5 An Innovation-Driven Approach to LNG Demand A Change of Direction at Ship Terminals Liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling is becoming With more than 50 years of experience in Our collaborative approach allows us to an alternative choice for shipping lines seeking the LNG industry, Trelleborg Marine and consistently design the most efficient, to reduce their carbon footprint with immediate Infrastructure has played an integral role in sustainable, appropriate, and innovative impact. Today, CO emissions are around 20% shaping the sector and contributed to its solutions, many of which are currently in 2 lower, and NOx and SOx emissions are almost growth and development. We invest time in use across the globe today. So, whether it’s zero – bringing new market opportunities and understanding the evolution of LNG, and the floating hoses or a move toward pure liquid driving significant investments in onshore and requirements it places on the operability and hydrogen, we innovate accordingly, delivering offshore vessels. compatibility of LNG infrastructure, creating globally compatible, differentiated, and superior solutions to meet those specific challenges. solutions. The growth of LNG has led to more orders of LNG-fueled vessels and the bunker vessels First, with our Ship-Shore Link (SSL) The industry’s success in meeting set guidelines required to refuel them. To meet LNG demands, technology for large-scale applications. and standards can be seen in its outstanding smart solutions and infrastructure are required More recently with LNG fueling applications safety record. As recognized thought leaders, to enable efficient, safe, cost-effective, and that require less volume, and our GEN3 SSL/ we are proud to work hand in hand with industry timely LNG transfer operations. Universal Safety Link (USL) “Hybrid” system bodies, such as SIGTTO and SGMF, to develop that supports bunker vessels taking LNG and improve industry standards and guidelines. from large-scale terminals to refuel ships This helps ensure LNG transfer systems work with smaller packages. Our team continues effectively across the globe. to explore new technologies to find innovative solutions that meet the LNG industry’s growing needs.

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